Coca-Cola® Georgia Peach and California Raspberry

Waiting for these new Coca-Cola bottles to hit the shelves in March as reported by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Coca-Cola Georgia PeachCoca-Cola California Raspberry

Photo Credit: The Coca-Cola Company and Atlanta Business Chronicle

Coca-Cola Trail

Just added The Coca-Cola Trail by Larry Jorgensen to my library. Read the book review by Bill Combs in the December 2017 issue of The Coca-Cola Collectors Club Newsletter.

The Great Get Together

Anyone going to San Diego for the 40th Great Get Together?


I have been collecting Coca-Cola® memorabilia for over 20 years. This site features my personal collection of Coke® bottles and cans which I have been sharing online since 1994 (yes, even before The Coca-Cola Company launched its official Website). Please enjoy and I also hope to meet up with you - both new and old friends at The Coca-Cola Collectors Club events in 2018.
Many years before I started collecting Coca-Cola, I have been a stamp collector. Needless to say, I have added a few bottler envelopes and advertising covers to my existing collection of postal history.  I have even found postage stamps depicting the Coca-Cola polar bear . By the way, I am a life member of America's oldest stamp club - founded in 1886 - the same year Coca-Cola was born.
Spotting Coca-Cola in the Movies is something I started a few years ago.  Many thanks to all the fans who have shared their screenshots of deliberate product placement and fortuitous trademark appearance on the silver screen. To date, the Internet's largest database of Coca-Cola movies has over 1100 titles spanning 80+ years.
Wherever I travel, I always look for new mementos to add to my collection. Destinations such as the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, historical bottling plants, buildings with ghost signs, general stores with vintage buttons, flea markets and antique stores are always great places to explore.